Ranked #1 Debt Buyers Lawsuit Response

"STOP" a Default Judgement

Answer Summons specializes in helping consumers respond to a summons inorder to stop a Default Judgement! Since our inception, we have created documents to answer a civil lawsuit for those that cannot afford a high priced attorney. This is your opportunity to take advantage of our efforts and stop a Default Judgement and not get sued.

We went through an exhausting process working with lawyers to create these documents. This is why we are the #1 Ranked source to stop a debt buyers civil lawsuit. Making us one of the most experienced document specialists in the business for civil proceedings. We have helped 1000’s, stop a legal Default Judgement.

You have rights and Answer Summons wants you to know we care about your consumer rights, no matter the reason why you received a summons.

It is VERY IMPORTANT you answer your summons in a timely manner as listed in the summons. IF NOT, YOU WILL OWE THE MONEY!

FAILURE to do so will result in a Default Judgment. When you are served with a summons and complaint, a lawsuit against you has commenced. To protect your legal rights, you must serve a formal written answer on the opposing party. Our forms are suitable to answer a complaint. To purchase the Answer form, select here to - stop a Default Judgment!!!

Stop the Madness: NOW

Personal Testimonies


  • Midland Funding Dismisses $18,000 Debt Lawsuit, "Thanks"
    Linda B.
  • MRC $7456 case dismissed - "your awesome"
    Matt L.
  • Unifund Group losses case for $14,636 " I can't believe it, they didn't have a right to sure me"
    Joan A.
  • Portfolio Recovery Assoc case dismissed $3475
    Leeann J.
  • OSI case thrown out - "my life just became easier, thanks"
    Robert W
  • RMA $5124 "I never thought it would be this easy, the letters and calls stopped"
    Don L.
  • Phoenix Asset Acceptance case dismissed
    Susan B
  • OSI "now understands I have rights, thanks"
  • AAC $34,735 case dismissed " thanks for relieving this burden"
    Duane M.
  • Unifund Group $19,376 loses case and has to clear it off my credit report.
    Vince D.